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Your customers need  fast access to compare insurance quotes to get instant coverage.

RightRater wants to increase customer awareness of our 90-second auto insurance quotes.

Your dealership wants attract customers on social media.

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RightRater provides your dealership
with FREE AI-Powered Social Media Services from APPLICA.

You display RightRater's
attractive marketing materials
at your dealership.

FREE AI-Powered Marketing Services

Our free AI-powered social media services provided by APPLICA will help you attract customers and grow your business, especially with millennials who live on social media.

APPLICA provides you with automated intelligent, custom-branded postings on your social media pages, that have your logo embedded, along with a call-to-action button that takes visitors directly to your website.

APPLICA's artificial intelligence technology creates social media postings for your business with content that is specifically designed for your business and to attract your target customers.




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